Fintech News Issue #189 October 25th, 2018

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    BAI and the Digital Banking Report recently released “Humanizing the Digital Banking Experience” at BAI Beacon. The report details how banks have an opportunity to humanize customer engagement on their digital platforms. Digital Banking Report owner and publisher Jim Marous discusses why banks lag behind and ways they can bring their experience up to speed via technologies such as AI.

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    Today, more than 70 percent of Americans struggle financially. At the same time, these same households pay roughly $175 billion annually in fees and interest for financial products and services, which too often fail to improve their situations. However, using the right combination of financial health-focused products and services some FinTech products are helping US households to get better off.

    Hey Alexa – what comes next…?

    — via Payments Journal

    The age of humanless customer experience is well and truly here – but will the future really be all about voice-led commands directed at plastic boxes of different shapes and sizes? With smartphone saturation on the cards and businesses in danger of digital-disconnect (or worse – anonymisation), now is the time to ask: what’s next?

    It might seem like a strange question to be asking, but given the multiple elements that drive the success of a bank, and given also that increasingly location is a key determining factor in how you deliver great customer experience, its an important topic.

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    A one day summit featuring leadership from the most exciting companies leveraging technology to build a more inclusive financial future. Book your ticket now via FinTech Weekly

    This year the event is put together with industry experts focusing on New EU Regulations and on Payment Innovations to see its impact on the Payment Industry today and how Banks can benefit from them which is the main reason our conference will have presentations both from the European Payment Council and The European Banking Authority alongside several case studies.

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