Fintech News Issue #205 February 21st, 2019

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    I’ve had a lot of conversations with bankers and technologists, and realised something recently. That realisation is a simple but important one, and it is this: dealing with technology is very different to dealing with money; furthermore, dealing with money through technology is very different to dealing with technology through money.

    Join insurance Nexus’s free webinar on: ‘Monetising Insurance Innovation Strategies: Leadership- Partnerships- Technologies’ (4pm GMT, Weds 6th March). Milan Sud, Head of Innovation Strategy, AXA, João Pedro Machado, Director for Transformation, Fidelidade and Peter Stockhammer, MD, Generali Vitality will offer perspectives on how insurance innovation strategy is translated into profitable actions. 1 mins to sign up, and we’ll send you the recordings if you can’t join us live.

    Banking is at a tipping point, as accounts are increasingly being opened at organizations that are heavily investing in digital capabilities. Alternative financial services firms, from established fintech providers to relative newcomers, are also gaining followers and users. What strategies are U.S. financial institutions considering in 2019 to address these challenges?

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