Fintech News Issue #220 June 6th, 2019

This weeks issue is about the question where all the fintech IPOs are, the possible match of fintech and cleantech and about next-generation payments in e-commerce business. Enjoy the latest fintech news, thanks for reading the issue - Max and the FinTech Weekly team.

Top Stories

    This banner year for venture-backed tech IPOs has been impossible to miss—and it's far from over. With major public listings like Slack and WeWork also on the horizon, 2019 is all but assured of smashing records for VC exit value.

    The Valley’s rocky history with cleantech investing has been well-documented. Startups focused on non-emitting-generation resources were once lauded as the next big cash cow, but the sector’s hype quickly got away from reality.

    There's no cooling the financial technology services industry, as payments spark $1.9 trillion in global annual revenue.

FinTech Articles

    On Friday, May 31, the Securities and Exchange Commission’s Strategic Hub for Innovation and Financial Technology (known as “FinHub”) hosted a FinTech Forum at its headquarters in Washington DC. The day-long event, spotlighted distributed ledger technology and digital assets.

    Big tech companies like Apple and Facebook are making moves into the global payments market — and fintech (financial technology) start-ups want to be part of the action.

    The arrival of open banking has thrown together fintechs and legacy banks, but do these organisations make good partners?

    When did FinTech become FinTech? When did technology in finance become cool?

    Historically, financial services was a local player’s game. Just look at the top 5 banks in Canada, US, UK, Canada, France and China in the chart below, ranked by total assets. There is nearly no overlap.

    The EY FinTech Index, which has been going since 2015, is back for its 2019 edition. The publication interviews more than 27,000 consumers in 27 markets to take the pulse on where fintech is at. Unsurprisingly, the sector is thriving, or in EY’s words, innovation has now ‘become the new normal.’

    Future HopeTech
    via Fintech Circle

    This is a short story about a family, Adam and Eve, having their first baby born Hope, born in 2030, who will later grow to become a future global FinTech influencer. In the middle of a very much RPA-centric dominating world, a fast-moving stressful feelingless life, where human connectivity is at its all-time low, that time, human connectivity was being addressed by world leaders and G20 countries.

    In recent research by the Digital Banking Report, it has become increasingly clear that the majority of banks and credit unions know they must become digital organizations. These same institutions also are aware of what it will take to move forward ... but are at a standstill when it comes to progress. What's the holdup? Here are some often-cited excuses.

Podcasts & Videos

    Brett King hosts Kosta Peric, Gates Foundation on how the use of tech is changing inclusion globally. Steve Cohen from Basis Technology, talks AI and financial crime, and how tech built for the global intelligence community is making its way into banks and asset managers. Plus, Mike Walsh talks new book, The Algorithmic Leader: How to be Smart when Machines are Smarter than you.

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