Fintech News Issue #223 June 27th, 2019

This weeks issue is about trends and firms you should know in the fintech industry. We keep you also updated about the latest trends in retail banking. At the end of the newsletter, you can find a podcast from Brett King. He and his guests are talking about Facebooks bets on Libra. Great isn't it? - Max and the FinTech Weekly Team

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    Launched in 2016, Future Branches is the only conference that explores how leading financial institutions are revamping retail banking technology, retooling front line associates, and creating the branch and retail banking experience of the future. The event expanded so rapidly in 2018 that we are adding an additional Future Branches event on the East Coast to better serve the industry.

    LendIt Fintech Europe is the continent’s Leading Event in Financial Services Innovation. This year’s event will attract 1,200+ fintechs, banks and investors from Europe’s most influential companies to learn, network and do business. The 1:1 networking arena hosts over 2,000 meetings. And, 50 hot topic panel sessions are organized into 4 main tracks: Digital Banking, Lending Innovations, Cutting Edge inFintech, and SpendIt at LendIt, our new paytech-focused track.

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FinTech Articles

    How one fintech startup, FilmChain, is using blockchain to help filmmakers with the money side of things...

    From its humble beginnings as a platform to stalk your high school girlfriend, the social media giant has evolved to become one of the world’s largest and most influential advertisers, news aggregators and data gatherers.

    New financial technology companies are transforming Japan's lending sector, tapping artificial intelligence and other cutting-edge methods to ease a cumbersome loan process that hampers access for many businesses.

    “Whatever happens with Brexit, financial services will remain one of our largest and most important industries.” These words resonated around Mansion House last week in the annual speech delivered to the finance industry by the Chancellor Phillip Hammond.

    The $1 trillion invested by traditional banks globally over the past three years to improve their technology has not yet delivered the revenue growth that had been expected, according to an Accenture report released on Thursday.

    Despite a slew of mobile apps designed to help us budget better, it still wouldn’t be considered shocking to bring “a shoebox full of documents” to apply for a mortgage. That’s according to fintech startup Plaid CEO Zach Perret, who spoke at Fortune’s inaugural Brainstorm Finance event in Montauk, N.Y., on Thursday.

    To thrive in the digital age, big banks need a two-pronged approach that spans the traditional and the new: a broad physical branch network that caters to Baby Boomers and a robust online (and mobile) presence for Generation X and Millennials. Sure, financial technology—or “fintech”—disrupters will pick their spots and target specific channels such as fat credit card processing fees.

Podcasts & Videos

    Facebook Bets on Libra
    via Breaking Banks

    Brett King and Chloé James host an all star cast on to the show to discuss the launch of Facebook’s new crypto Libra, a financial inclusion app and blockchain (sort of) with Brian Roemmele, early Bitcoin and VoiceFirst evangelist, returns along with Brian Solis (bestselling author of LifeScale), Sankar Krishnan (Capgemini’s EVP for Banking and Capital Markets), regular contributor John Best (Best Innovation Group), author of Breaking Digital Gridlock, and Anna Irrera (Fintech Correspondent and Financial Companies Team Leader at Reuters).

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