Fintech News Issue #224 July 4th, 2019

FinTech News Issue #224 is about five really interesting facts on fintech. Also, it shows where fintech is at the moment and where it is leading us. Another top story of the week is the question if banks can beat fintechs when they hurry up? Thanks for reading our latest issue. Enjoy the latest fintech news - Max and the FinTech Weekly team.

Top Stories

    One of the world’s biggest sovereign wealth funds says traditional banks can weather the rising tide of fintech rivals if they build similar offerings like mobile banking services before regulators open the flood gates.

    Fintech is opening floodgates of opportunity for ambitious startups that previously had no hopes of overcoming barriers to entry in the finance field.

    From artificial intelligence to mobile applications, technology helps to increase your access to secure and efficient financial products and services.

FinTech Articles

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