Fintech News Issue #230 August 15th, 2019

This weeks issue is about the future of digital banking. Also, it deals with the mega VC rounds which happened in the second quarter and our third top story this week is about the question if fintech unicorns are worth it? Enjoy these and more interesting stories from the eventful world of fintech - Max and the FinTech Weekly Team

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    Penny Crosman, Editor at Large for American Banker notes that while there are plenty of companies happy to help consumers who already have a sizable nest egg, relatively few are focused on those who’ve fallen short on saving for retirement. The void has left a small number of fintechs trying to fill the gap. Host JP Nicols will talk with Penny about about two of those this week, Finhabits and Kindur. Then Jason Henrichs will take a deeper dive into Kindur with founder Rhian Horgan.

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