Fintech News Issue #240 October 24th, 2019

This weeks top stories are about Blockchain, AI and big data in finance and about the question if fintech startups are more ethical than banks? Thank you for reading - Max and the FinTech Weekly Team

Top Stories

    There’s a misguided notion permeating the banking industry: That fintech startups are somehow more ethical than legacy banks, or that there is a fintech “ethos” that distinguishes fintechs from banks (and somehow makes fintechs morally superior).

    Blockchain is poised for adoption if it can fix one issue: immutability of each transaction.

    From October 2015, when the AlphaGo AI first beat a professional human competitor, to January 2018, several months after it defeated Ke Jie, the top-ranked player in the world, AI’s popularity had tripled as measured by Google Trends.

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