Fintech News Issue #245 November 28th, 2019

This weeks top stories show you the top fintech trends entrepreneurs must watch in 2020. Another interesting topic is how traditional institutions can fight back when direct banks attack. Our last top story is about fintech myth-busting. Thanks for reading - Max and the FinTech Weekly team

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    JP Nicols hosts Andy Rachleff, Founder and CEO, Wealthfront, talking nextgen banking and disruption and innovation in financial services. Then, Jason Barsema, Co-Founder and President, Halo Investing talks the future of robo-advisors and a different approach.

    Disclaimer: Halo Investing is a technology provider affiliated with Halo Sentinus Securities LLC. The podcast nor its content is not to be considered as investment advice, solicitation, or endorsement of suitability of any product or strategy.

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