Issue #321 July 15th, 2021

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    FinTech and InsurTech bring you the virtual conference that can’t be missed, streaming live from London

    Latin America and the world are embracing the fight against COVID-19. Despite this challenge, Fintech demand in the Region has been accelerated. More than ever, financial institutions are facing the need to provide digital financial services. Every day increasingly, it is becoming clearer the importance of solid cross-country digital financial strategies.




    Six of China’s top banks have tasked their employees with promoting digital yuan wallets to 200 to 300 people a year.

    Nordic mobile wallets MobilePay, Pivo and Vipps are joining forces to create a single payments app with a combined user base of 11 million consumers across Finland, Denmark and Norway. Glenn Söderholm, head of personal & business customers in Danske Bank, says: "It is very expensive to compete with global competitors in this space and in order to continue to develop the most attractive solutions for our customers, MobilePay must be part of something bigger to gain scale and pool investments for further innovation."

    The credit card giant initially rolled out the Digital Receipts feature in February, giving all card holders in the US more information about the things they bought from certain merchants, including store name, logo, order number, date of order, items purchased, details of cost and merchant description. Now, American Express will do the same for Amazon purchases, providing order numbers and delivery details. The company said the feature is part of a larger partnership with Verifi.



    CBI, hub for technological innovation and digitalisation of the financial industry has partnered up with CRIF, global company specialised in credit bureau & business information, advanced digital solution for business development and open banking.

    GitHub Copilot is an OpenAI-powered Visual Studio Code extension that can suggest lines of code or entire functions as you type. GitHub cautioned that Copilot does not always write “perfect” code, and that sometimes the suggested code will not work.

    Women made up a third (33%) of researchers in 2018 and have achieved parity when it comes to numbers in life sciences in many countries, the report says. But women make up just 28% of graduates in engineering and 40% of those in computer sciences – skills vital for the jobs of the future, it added. Female workers also account for just 22% of people working in artificial intelligence (AI) worldwide, although there are regional differences, according to UNESCO.