Issue #333 October 14th, 2021

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    A research conducted in the US and UK revelead that the use of Fintech increased during pandemic: the research, ""The Fintech Effect: Fintech's Mass Adoption Moment"", discovered that people use fintech even more than social media.

    Fintech is not just a way to manage finance, but a way to be more informed, digital oriented, save time and money.

    Moneybrain, a UK platform, developed its own digital money, BIPS. You will be able to buy BIPS both with fiat and cryptos.

    Visa is the partner Moneybrain chose to create its Moneybrain Digital Asset Visa Card.

    By joining Visa, Moneybrain is getting access to a pool of professionals and resources, thanks to Visa's Fintech Fast Track program: Visa has Fintech companies in mind and is supporting innovation.

    WIll other companies create their own money?


    Changpeng Zhao wants Binance to become the first blockchain with one billion users.

    The CEO of Binance announces that the company launched a $1 billion Growth Fund for Binance Smart Chain adopters, to help fintech companies who want to use BSC to build their projects.

    Binance focuses on blockchain-rich regions like Russia, India, South East Asia, Europe, the US and South America, to manage the growth of blockchain adoption regionally.

    The BSC will work closely with fintech comapnies, crypto advisors, blockchain researchers and influencers.

    Web 3.0 is a reality. Major fintech companies are collaborating with or integrating cryptocurrencies.

    Among these companies, Stripe can be considered a pioneer.

    The co-founder of Stripe John Collison points out that the company started coding one year after the launch of Bitcoin's whitepaper, always keeping an eye on the progress of cryptos.

    Hong Kong University of Science and Technology (HKUST) and announced their partnership to explore cutting-edge financial technologies.

    The HKUST Big Data Institute, with its research and acedemic strengths, and, with its strong inductry experience, want to create the right environmente for developers, researchers and entrepreneurs, with the goal of creating new benefits for the whole society.



    Traditional banking systems make it very hard for people to take loans: documents required and credit score allow just a few to be able to be compliant with banks needs.

    But fintech is increasing our financial opportunities and creating an inclusive economy.

    Juniper Research awarded Huawei with Future Digital Awards in Fintech & Payments.

    This prize is for companies that provide outstanding financial products and services across several industries.

    Huawei deserved the prize especially for its contribution to growing digitalization in emerging markets, strongly recognized in the industry during the pandemic.


    PhonePe and NBBL announced their partnership to create ClickPay, an easy-to-use digital system crated to make recurring payments.

    Ankit Gaur, Online Merchants at PhonePe, consider this a fruitful partnership that will allow a further adoption of digital payments and a way to avoid mistakes due to manual inputs.