FinTech News Issue #38 October 21st, 2015

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    Today, Jochen will not be present, but instead we invited Lars Markell, Roman Nikbin and Michael Maier to talk about the upcoming Bankathon in Frankfurt from 16.-18. November.

    It is official- Millennials are now the biggest consumer generation. And digital natives have more options than ever before, and exercise their options to find the services that meet their needs the best.Today, Brett talks to Samantha Ghiotti of Anthemis, and Aldo de Jong of Claro Partners about their new tool “Always in Beta”

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    The finance sector is increasingly affected by the presence of fintechs. But many of these finance start-ups do not really reinvent the banking business. What they do is adjusting it in a way that the customers can make better use of it. Berlin fintech company Bergfürst offers shares of young and growing companies to private investors and offers real estate investments since 2014.