Fintech News Issue #92 November 3rd, 2016

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    The Fintech Summit MENA will bring together BFSI decision makers that want to win in their industry by digitising processes, securing critical assets, analysing data and making tactical decisions.

    This two day large-scale conference will shed light on the rapidly advancing North Africa and MENA banking landscape – bringing together the largest banks and the most innovative solutions and technologies shaping the market today.

    In|Vest brings together technology and strategy executives from across the wealth management to explore the changes and offer a digital vision of the future. Discount Voucher via the FTW conference website.

FinTech Articles

    Are Banks an Endangered Species?

    — by Jeffrey Pilcher

    A survey shows that majority of Americans believe traditional banking providers will cease to exist in their lifetime because financial institutions are failing to keep up with changes in digital channels.

    As the competition gets fiercer, financial services players are betting on financial technology firms to give them an edge.

    In the banking industry, the "customer experience" has moved to the forefront over the past few years. Here's how consumers today perceive their experience with retail banking providers — what banks are doing well, and where improvements are needed.

    So last year my beloved Audi blew up. I agreed that it might be time to change brands, but I wasn’t sure which brand to opt for. What if I opted for a different car make but experienced similar problems to those I’d had with my Audis?

    Last year, >$1.2 billion was invested in InsurTech startups – six times the amount invested in 2010, making the insurance industry one of the most exciting areas of innovation with the highest disruption potential for tech-powered startups.

    Following a bad experience of criminal activity on her debit card, Jessica Ellerm outlines how her own bank would tackle fraud.

    Robo-Advice UK: Overview

    — by Jordan Stodart

    Rising to prominence in 2015, Robo-Advice has established itself within the UK wealth management sector. Traditionally, and still, IFAs are paid fairly hefty sums to manage the assets of a client.

    JP Nicols follows up his podcast interview with Capital One’s Scott Zimmer with a summary of the discussion around creating a better banking experience.

    Gary Shapiro, president and CEO of the Consumer Technology Association, shared his insights with Open Mobile Media’s Robert Gray into what’s forthcoming on the tech horizon. Shapiro will also be the keynote speaker at the upcoming Open Mobile Summit in San Francisco (November 29-30).

    Why it’s time to rethink AI

    — by Julian Togelius

    Artificial intelligence has the opportunity to affect almost every aspect of how we live and consume. I struggle to think of a single industry that could not be transformed through AI technologies, leading to huge gains in effectiveness or efficiency.