FinTech Definition

Financial Technology, nowadays better known under the term 'fintech', describes a business that aims at providing financial services by making use of software and modern technology.

Today, fintech companies directly compete with banks in most areas of the financial sector to sell financial services and solutions to customers. Mostly due to regulatory reasons and their internal strucutres, banks still struggle to keep up with fintech startups in terms of innovation speed. Fintechs have realized early that financial services of all kinds – including money transfer, lending, investing, payments, ... – need to seamlessly integrate in the lives of the tech-savvy and sophisitcated customers of today to stay relevant in a world where business and private life become increasingly digitalized.

Especially millenials (people born between approx. the early 80s and late 90s) and the following generations prefer quick and easy banking services over walking to a branch, appointments with bank consultants and lenghty processes setting up accounts or putting together a portfolio (as two of hundreds of examples where mobile and digital banking services allow for a more frictionless and stress-free process).

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