Another 2008? - Issue #407 March 16th, 2023

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The collapse of the Silicon Valley Bank, along with the challenges faced by other banking institutions, are upsetting investors and savers. The domino effect that is hitting financial institutions and economies across the world seems to have no end after the collapse of FTX – and regulators were already more severe after the collapse of the exchange. Are they acting correctly to protect people and businesses? And what about the effects that all this will have on people around the world and on different economies? This number of FinTech Weekly covers all this, but we want to give you all the information you need, so we will go on covering the topic and its consequences. Stay tuned if you want to understand what’s going on!

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    Sally Bakewell discussed what could happen now to the Silicon Valley Bank and said that the bank wanted to initiate a rescue plan but failed to do so. The FDIC stepped in to close the bank. Now Sally can’t help but ask two questions: “What will happen now to the Silicon Valley Bank?” and “How could regulators miss this?”. She then added that they’re not sure on what will happen next, but the bank will probably go into some sort of sale procedure.






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