Fintech News Issue #248 December 19th, 2019

The last issue before Christmas will show you an outlook about fintech in 2020. We present you also a look back about the fintech winners and losers in 2019. Thanks for reading - we wish you a blessed Christmas - Max and the FinTech Weekly team

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    As we approach the end of the 2019, it’s a good time to look back and see who won and lost—or more appropriately, who’s winning and losing—in the fintech world.

    2020 is predicted to feature an even stronger collision of two worlds, the financial services, and technology. Fintech represents a powerful synergy of these industries and promise to bring out modern banking to a new level.

    As the year comes to a close, the a16z fintech team weighs in on the big ideas they hope fintech will address in the coming year, from abating the housing crisis to automating the CFO suite.

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