GG: The National Disgrace - Issue #419 June 8th, 2023

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This is the opening statement of an article published by Blockworks. What the SEC chairman thinks about cryptos doesn’t make crypto enthusiasts happy — as well as all the US people that want to work with and benefit from fintech innovation. The new lawsuit against Binance could threaten, once again, the position of the US within the global fintech space, while many countries work to improve the role of fintech in their economics, on de-dollarization and look for more ties with China. The US tries to be more fintech-friendly with its FedNow, but will it be enough? In the meantime, even the CEO of OpenAI warns about possible human extinction because of AI.

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    Millions of US people hold cryptocurrencies. But the SES decided to sue Binance and to investigate 61 cryptocurrencies considered as unregistered securities, making the whole crypto market fall. When the market falls, so do the investments of people and entrepreneurs, but it doesn’t seem to be a problem for the SEC. As reported by Blockworks, Gary Gensler’s SEC is becoming a way for the US to leave future global financial leadership to other countries.

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