🔓Growth: Tech & Tales - Issue #430 August 24th, 2023

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Each revolution needs compelling stories, and when it comes to the realm of entrepreneurship, we can safely assess that there's no shortage of stories.

Although not all of them have a happy ending, in this issue of FinTech Weekly, we will focus on stories that involve mainly two characters: tech and content.

Tech advances are exciting, but they also force us to reflect on threats, outcomes, and how we can use them to achieve our goals. On the other hand, without stories, we wouldn't be aware of most of these advances.

Read on to discover the story of the young B2B company that managed to achieve a 59% conversion rate, the stories of innovation, challenges, and inclusion, and the stories of the revolutionary times we're living in.

This and much more in this issue of FinTech Weekly: read our stories to discover the top fintech news and events, and use them to stay ahead of the competition!

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