Fintech News Issue #142 November 16th, 2017

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    When Fintech Meets Finance

    — via FinTech Weekly Magazine

    Fintech – the potent intersection of the finance and technology industries – has transformed the business landscape forever. After all, technology had already irrevocably transformed our lives, from the way we shop to the way we socialise. It was time that technology revolutionised the way businesses accessed funds.

    We stopped by at some of the startups and established fintechs at this year's WebSummit in Lisbon to ask them what their respective products can achieve – in just three minutes. Here's who they are, what they do and how they see the industry.

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    Fintech world forum 2017 (fintech conference) is based in London UK Europe as one of leading fintech events for global financial and banking technology industry including bitcoin, blockchain and mobile payments.

FinTech Articles

    Emerging Tech in Mobile Banking

    — via FinTech Weekly Magazine

    Customers’ expectations for mobile apps are changing rapidly across the board. And the banking industry just can’t keep up. The 2 billion people using mobile banking apps by 2020 will expect an immediate and seamless user experience.

    One of the biggest threats to the banking industry today is complacency, or an unchallenged reliance on what has worked in the past. Leaders who are blindly followed, or departments with undue influence, can have a negative impact on the future of an entire financial institution.

    2018 will be a challenge for most financial services organizations, with external threats affecting their ability to remain competitive and internal stagnation impacting profits. Here are Forrester's predictions, recommendations, competitive opportunities, organizational shortcomings, and suggested strategic action plans for the year ahead.

    Retail Trading Ripe for Fintech Disruption

    — via FinTech Weekly Magazine

    Start-ups in the capital market space are a small part of the Fintech world, but are finding multiple opportunities to disrupt retail trading.

    Banks need to take a deep breath as the Payment Services Directive pushes them to share their precious customer information

    My colleagues and I are often left bemused when we hear claims, from fraud experts from across the world, that machine learning is set to change a business function or disrupt a market.

    A new Forrester Research report, Predictions 2018: The Honeymoon For AI Is Over, predicts that in 2018 enterprises will finally move beyond the hype to recognize that AI requires hard work—planning, deploying, and governing it correctly.

    They say imitation is the sincerest form of flattery. Challenger banks are doing what their name suggests, and research indicates they are gaining ground. For established lenders, replicating the characteristics of their smaller, more agile competitors, will help them defend their position.

    Ignacio Juliá Vilar, Chief Innovation Officer, speaks to bobsguide about ING’s historic fintech roots, the bank’s strategy to stay competitive, and the plan for a PSD2 future.