Issue #352- Will Fintech Break New Records in 2022? February 24th, 2022

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    Denada Ramnishta shares a particular point of view related to fintech. As the GM and Head of Corporate Strategy at Lendio, she highlights one particular aspect of the fintech system, made more evident by the pandemic: to succeed, companies should prioritise collaboration - not competition.


    The European market is getting harder, but fintech companies don’t renounce to new investors: Penta is one of these companies. It is not a common fintech firm: differently from its competitors, for example, Penta doesn’t allow trials or free plans to open new bank accounts with the company, but promises a faster service and easy management. Maybe the German company is using this as a strength while seeking an evaluation between 400 and over 500 million dollars - as Bloomberg reports.

    Digital banks and lenders are becoming extremely popular in Hong Kong: higher interest rates - thanks to the lack of costs for physical branches, gaming interfaces, rewards, real-time transaction reports for their customers, more flexibility. Will this harm traditional banks in one of the most banked cities in Asia?

    Another milestone for fintech: after the records of 2021, in 2022 open banking managed to acquire over 5 million users only in the UK. This happened in a few months: in September, the number of users was at around 4 million. Payment systems and innovative banks are profiting from the impressive rise.