Issue #383 - Can Sustainable Finance Be The All-In-One Solution? September 29th, 2022

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Renewable energy is not only a solution to a major social and economic issue but also a more direct weapon against inflation. As Warren Buffett once suggested, during times of high inflation investors should focus on businesses able to grow rapidly. Today, businesses focused on sustainable solutions are growing more rapidly than inflation, and inflation is well above 8%. Moreover, policies adopted by the Fed to contrast these impressive levels can have dramatic consequences for workers, investors and business owners. Fintech firms are the right tools to favor sustainable finance and help the global economy to rise. You’ll see that from the news we selected, but despite the evidence, not everyone agrees on the topic. This and much more in this number of FinTech Weekly, the free newsletter to discover top fintech conferences and news.

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    Negotiating a pay raise is such a daunting task that surveys have found that most employees will outright avoid it. Despite this, there are things that you can do or not do to improve your chances of successful negotiation and make it seem less scary and more accessible.





    Among the regions that realized the importance of green and sustainable finance, Southeast Asia is playing a major role. MUFG Bank, as well as other top banks in the area, were responsible for setting the guidelines to follow national decarbonization strategies in the region. However, not all the members of the ASEAN (Association of Southeast Asian Nations) have published their plans to reach decarbonization. That’s why banks also followed the technologies compiled by the Economic Research Institute for ASEAN and East Asia.

    Startups focused on limiting the effects of climate change are attracting more investors. African fintechs make no exception, and among them the most interesting project we can list is PEG Africa, recently acquired by the UK-based Bboxx, which reached 1 million customers thanks to its pay-as-you-go solar system.

    As Warren Buffett suggested to shareholders in the 80s, during a period of high inflation, the best businesses to buy have rapid growth as one of their more relevant characteristics, precisely because they can be a hedge against inflation and even result in higher earnings. The current economy proves that Buffett’s consideration is right – of course: thematic growth shows that even during hard times innovation can be a powerful tool for entrepreneurs and investors. Among the sectors that experienced a growth more rapid than inflation, we find Renewable Energy.