Issue #385 - Sustainable Finance: The Fuel For Growth October 13th, 2022

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Sustainable finance and ESG – Environmental, Social, and Governance – require institutions, businesses and consumers to act responsibly to address major social and economic issues. Actually, both start from people, and institutions, business owners and investors follow this sense of responsibility – which is needed.
Despite this, it seems that not all agree on how sustainable solutions should be realized. This week, one of the news FinTech Weekly selected for you is the BlackRock case. This top investment company lost over $1 billion after its green investment policies. But the reason why many institutional investors in the US decided to withdraw may not lie only in an anti-ESG movement, but in the suspicion that sustainable policies may be adopted just to attract more participants, without really implementing any useful solution. So, how to identify the boundary between an honest and a misleading use of sustainability? Fintech plays a major role in this, and it’s the basis used by institutions and leaders to create new regulatory frameworks and business environments.

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    According to Bloomberg, sustainable debt instruments reached over $1.6 trillion in 2021. Moreover, GTB – global transaction banking – has a large room for growth. One more point to take into account is that the demand for sustainable banking products exceeds supply – according to BCR Publishing. From this data, it is clear that sustainable GTB is not only a great opportunity for the banking sector but might also become imperative to meet consumers’ and investors' needs.