Issue #387 - People Need Financial Health October 27th, 2022

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As Ranjit Sarai – co-founder of STACK – “People need banking, not banks”. Financial services become even more important when times require more financial stability and a certain resilience. While entire countries could go through uncertainty, like the UK, fintech firms are focusing on solving people’s financial troubles and major social issues. Blockchain seems to be the leading technology of our times, even for those who don’t appreciate cryptocurrencies – like Jamie Dimon. In the meantime, fintech firms launch new products to help people build stronger financial positions and analyze data to better understand people’s financial behavior. This and much more in this number of FinTech Weekly: follow us on LinkedIn to stay on top of fintech news and conferences.

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    Onyx, the blockchain-based platform created and used by JP Morgan, is often in contrast with the affirmations of the CEO of the same company, Jamie Dimon. In fact, while Dimon has often been a detractor of cryptocurrencies, he appreciated blockchain technology and called it “real” during a recent International Finance event – as Coindesk reports. Even if blockchain can be used without cryptocurrencies, they’re the fuel of the technology when it comes to public blockchains – that’s why the affirmation of the CEO might seem quite controversial.

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