Issue #402 - Do We Need To Prepare For The Worst? February 9th, 2023

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Even the CEO of the second bank of the United States affirms that we should prepare for the default on the US debt. This is maybe the worst possible scenario, and we need to keep our nerve if the economic downturn will be tougher than expected. Nevertheless, we still have many positive things to focus and work on: a more inclusive economy, also thanks to new payment methods and more user-friendly lending services, AI, which can help the economy to advance. But we also need to deal with increased layoffs and stricter regulations. This and much more on FinTech Weekly, the free newsletter to stay on top of fintech news and events.

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    CDAO Financial Services brings together your data & analytics community from the Financial Services industry for two days of learning, networking, and collaboration. New this year, there will be two specialized tracks for those who work for organizations with assets under management of below $500 million and assets under management $500 million and above. Join data & analytics leaders from TD, Morningstar, Barclays, Citi and more on March 1-2, 2023 in New York City. Free passes (subject to team approval) are available for a limited time.

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    The collapse of FTX stopped the process that was bringing closer banks and cryptocurrencies. Regulators became more severe, but some clarifications are needed – especially for fintech firms and partners that want to leverage the innovative financial system brought by blockchain technology: banks can still provide safekeeping services for cryptocurrencies; cryptos can’t still hold cryptocurrencies as the largest part of their capitals; banks can benefit from blockchain technology and there is a path to produce tokens. So, banks are limited when it comes to cryptocurrencies, since they can partner with crypto-focused businesses that are in line with security measures and guidelines provided by regulators.

    NFTs, after the downturn that followed the initial hype, are recovering the major role they play for developers, creators and blockchain enthusiasts. But they’re also showing that their success can be used – as it happens with different forms of art – for political purposes. The NFT collection of Donald Trump is an example of this.


    In this article by Surbhi Arora, published by FinTech Weekly, the focus is BaaS – Banking as a Service. To understand BaaS, there are some key aspects to evaluate: APIs, open banking, an improved user experience when BaaS is leveraged. Read to discover also how BaaS can benefit stakeholders.