Fintech News Issue #95 December 1st, 2016

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    Why FinTech and Why Now?

    — by Evans Munyuki

    There is no denying that technological innovation is an evolutionary force in business, politics and even culture; in the industry of finance, it is driving capital, captivating attention and connecting us more efficiently to our institutions, to our communities and to each other.

    As the banking industry responds to the "Age of the Individual", big data and advanced analytics will define the winners from the losers. It is more important than ever for banks, credit unions, insurers and wealth managers to deliver on the personalization promise.

    Bitcoin is anti-establishment. It is feared by most governments and banks. Yet Bitcoin is also a driver of innovation – which drives productivity and wealth creation which is what citizens want their governments to focus on. Most other governments have reached phase 3 in Gandhi’s famous quote in their attitude to Bitcoin: First they ignore you, then they laugh at you, then they fight you, then you win. Switzerland skipped the “then they fight you” phase – the country sees a win/win scenario.

Top Events

    The European Venture Summit 2016 is taking place in Dusseldorf on the 5-6 of December. EVS 2016 is the leading event for bringing together high-tech entrepreneurs, VCs, and corporate investors active in the European start-up scene.

    FinTech Connect Live, Europe’s most exciting, full eco-system fintech event, will be back – bigger, better and busier than before in London on December 6-7th 2016

    150+ Exhibitors, 2500+ Attendees, 50%+ Start-Ups, 3 Dedicated Conferences

    This is the most content driven fintech congress in the Central Eastern Europe gathering the top industry innovators.

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