🤔Just a Matter of Luck? - Issue #433 September 14th, 2023

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In this edition of FinTech Weekly, we explore the notion that sometimes success is simply a matter of luck. A fintech company established in a country where innovation is embraced and where regulators support progress has a distinct advantage over one born in a place with fluctuating regulatory frameworks heavily influenced by diverse opinions.

While the introduction is meant to be provocative, our focus remains on the challenges faced by businesses and customers who desire a more predictable system.

As Mersch highlighted, regulators face a delicate balancing act. New regulations should prioritize user protection without stifling competition. Moreover, their introduction should be timely – neither prematurely nor belatedly.

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    Visible Alpha enhances the investment research process by extracting meaningful analyst models, and research reports through valuable partnerships with the world’s premier investment research organizations.

    The incumbent will be responsible for leading the end to end process of the Production of the Annual and Interim reports of HSBC Continental Europe which includes dual language documents – French and English.

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