No Data, Please! - Issue #427 August 3rd, 2023

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Diving into the worlds of privacy and sustainability, FinTech Weekly unpacks their intersection - data. We've reiterated in our newsletters how fintech firms, from startups to giants, are reshaping financial systems towards inclusivity and sustainability.

Discover how these themes are influencing global economies:

  • Fintech firms cooperations – The collaboration between Wibmo and Discover Global spawns secure payment methods with advanced fraud prevention.
  • Laso works with payment solution providers to create no KYC cards, negating the need for sharing personal data.
  • ESG reporting software markets are booming with the involvement of firms like Wolters Kluwer and IBM.
  • Ant Group, in partnership with Singapore’s NTU, innovates privacy-preserving technologies.

Privacy isn't just about security - it can foster financial inclusivity, as demonstrated by Laso. But its correlation with sustainability and ESG is complex. Data, if absent, can become a dangerous tool.

Right now, Republicans are pushing for bills that obstruct ESG (Environmental, Social, Governance) investing. They believe that companies should not be obligated to share ESG-related data or take into account ESG proposals from shareholders – since they could potentially harm businesses in profitable industries, such as oil.

On the other hand, some regulators – like the SEC – threaten reliable crypto projects and businesses – which allow for data transparency and inclusivity while correctly protecting privacy.

While people, businesses and investors demand attention to privacy and sustainability, regulators and politicians don't always respond to societal needs, except when dealing with huge companies.

In this edition of FinTech Weekly - "No Data, Please!" - we dissect these dynamics. Follow FinTech Weekly to discover top fintech news and events and stay ahead of the competition!

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