Recession 2023: FinTech Weekly Weekend - Issue #4 April 10th, 2023

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Let's recap...

  • We’re observing an inverted yield curve (see our article)
  • The stock market looks weak
  • Gold is close to its all time high
  • Job openings and hires decreased

FTW Perspective

Recession in 2023: the signs are many.

From an unusual development of short and long-term interest rates, to an increasing interest in assets considered as safe-havens.

While the labor market in the US remains tight, job openings slightly decreased in February – another sign that the market is currently facing a sort of rebalancing.

One of the most curious recent news is that ChatGPT seems to be the most bullish on gold.

If you want to discover detailed insights on the current situation, read the full article: Diary Of A Recession (?) – Recession 2023

Recessions are quite normal in our economic cycles, but this doesn’t mean that we’re always ready to cope with their effects.

High unemployment rates, tight credit and difficulties for businesses are just a few effects. Moreover, in a globalized economy, the major risk is always that a national crisis can become a global crisis.

Fortunately, today we have more tools to cope with the effects of a recession, especially thanks to fintech, and investors and businesses are already moving towards these solutions (more about this in our full article).

Unfortunately, recessions are usually recognized only after they’re over, but a deep study of the signs and macroeconomic conditions can help us to (at least) mitigate the negative effects of a global recession.

Top Stories

    87%—that’s a great number for a new year, especially for the Indian fintech industry. This is the number that signifies the rate of adoption of fintech products by consumers in India and it beats the global average by 23%.

    Job openings and hires decreased in February


    The number of job openings decreased to 9.9 million on the last business day of February, the U.S.

    ChatGPT is the most bullish on gold

    — via Gold IRA Guide

    The word “recession proof” gets thrown around from time to time in the investing world. In essence, it describes a risk management strategy for limiting the exposure of one’s investments to the effects of the boom and bust market cycle.