Then It All Went Different - Issue #428 August 10th, 2023

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It's impressive to see how, in just a few years, the ways we think, travel, and pay have transformed. If we pause for a moment to reflect on how our lives have changed recently, a pressing question emerges: How rapidly will the world continue to evolve in the future? Certainly, we once thought of many of today's realities as mere science fiction. But now, it's time to set aside our fears and concentrate on how we can navigate this ever-changing landscape.

Different regions around the world are burgeoning with innovative fintech businesses. Innovative payment methods are emerging everywhere, from SMEs to tech giants. AI stands out, attracting a significant portion of investments. The gap between the real and the digital world is steadily narrowing.

Are we prepared? In truth, we already possess the tools needed to face the future—it's just a matter of harnessing our creativity and becoming more astute observers.

In this issue of FinTech Weekly, we delve into these topics and much more. Stay ahead of the competition and explore the top fintech news and events with us!

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    Join your data & analytics peers from leading brands across North America as you discover the latest trends and challenges facing your role.

    Impact Investing Conference 2023 in London is the Impact Investing World Forum (IIWF) 2023 as one of leading social impact investment events for ESG Funds, UN SDGs, Investor and sustainable investing in UK Europe Oxford University. The event brings together hedge funds, wealth management, private equity, venture capital, foundations, endowments, bonds and ESG investing professionals.

    FinTech World Forum 2023 is based in London UK Europe as one of leading fintech events 2023 for global financial services, finance and banking technology industry. Its focuses on Mobile Payments, Lending, Insurance, Blockchain, Bitcoin, Investment, Money, Crypto, Cryptocurrency, Digital, Innovation, Wallet, Pensions, Funds, Payment, Tech, Financial Services, Technology, Bank, Wealth Management, Insurtech, Regtech and Wealthtech. For more info visit:

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    As we're aware, the pandemic prompted individuals and businesses to reevaluate many routine activities. Financial transactions, which form a core part of these activities, underwent significant changes, particularly influenced by technologies like contactless cards. These were relatively less popular pre-pandemic but have since gained traction, impacting not just financial transactions but also areas like mass transit.