GreenOnline Wins Hearts & Minds in Europe

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The CEO of GreenOnline talks about the logic behind the company – and how it helps customers.

Speaking to GreenOnline CEO, Kees van Nuland in his office in Amsterdam, he explains the logic behind his company’s success. “I heard the call loud and clear from consumers. No one wants to pay for something they
don’t use. That’s what we do here. We ensure customers only pay for what they use.”


GreenOnline was founded in 2010 at the outset of the burgeoning subscription economy.
The company offers one-click subscription cancellation that’s confirmed in a minute and
legally certified. Today, they are present in 11 European countries under various localized
web domains: in the Netherlands, in Italy, and in
Spain. The list goes on. Kees is on a mission to deliver his service to every country in the EU by 2027.

“After the first batch of cancellations came through in 2011, I received an email from a
customer. We’d ended an ongoing battle between them and a provider in a day. What other FinTech CEOs receive fan mail? At that point, I knew we were on to something. It’s because we made something complex and simple. It’s one click, confirmed in a minute, and the customer’s financial headache is gone.”

GreenOnline has a 9.2 global score from Kiyoh, but Kees wants a perfect 10. “The product works. It’s mainly dealing with services that have legacy systems that delay our one-click cancellation service. And you know, we are human. After all, sometimes we drop the ball.
But we always jump on it and learn from our mistakes. But thanks to our legal team, every
contract gets terminated.”

In our current period of rising inflation and energy prices, it’s no surprise that companies
that empower consumers to take back control of their wallets are going from strength to
strength. GreenOnline may be shaking up business as usual, but their rise is a sign of the
times. They have won over their customers and, in their wake, are developing a more
progressive business model for the subscription economy.