Crises or Opportunities? - Issue #416 May 18th, 2023

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Different countries in the world are experiencing economic, financial and regulatory issues. And sometimes these issues are in contrast. Let’s consider the US and China: while the United States experiences huge problems related to high inflation, China experiences deflationary pressures. BRICS are planning to use a different currency, to avoid being tied to the US dollar. Fintech finds new opportunities in crises, but regulators sometimes seem to make it more difficult for fintech businesses to innovate. This and much more in this number of FinTech Weekly, the free newsletter to stay ahead of competition and discover fintech news and events.

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    The summit of the leaders of BRICS countries will be extremely interesting in 2023. Hosted in Johannesburg on August 22, the summit will be dominated by talks related to the creation of a common currency. South African minister Naledi Pandor said that the leaders must discuss this matter properly. BRICS were already involved in de-dollarization efforts, and the block is receiving a high number of requests to join the group – since an increasing number of countries don't understand why they’re committed to trading through the US dollar.


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