Fintech News Issue #129 August 17th, 2017

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    In an episode packed full of guests and news, we kick off with Tandem's takeover of Harrods bank - where did they get the money and what's their next move? Next up is Australia's latest move to make bitcoin an official currency as they continue to fight to become a leader in blockchain, and is bitcoin the key to Chinese investment?

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    Is this the end of fintech as we know it?

    — via banking technology

    In the age of the internet, fintech dominates finance. In the UK, the sector is currently worth £7 billion, employing around 60,000 people with figures set to increase. The industry is definitely awe-inspiring, but as the lines between traditional banking services and fintech blur, fintech could disappear entirely.

    You have heard about blockchain and you might have acquired a rough idea of what it is by now. For most people, the term is not unknown, but most will barely be able to answer the question „what is the blockchain?“ right. After our series of 4 articles, you most probably will!

    The #FinTech God Particle 🏛💫

    — via Linkedin Pulse

    On July 4th 2012 an announcement was made at CERN's Large Hadron Collider (LHC) that shook the world. They had discovered a particle consistent in mass with the theorised but mystical Higgs boson, aka the God Particle. It was a significant discovery which furthered our understanding of the universe...

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