FinTech News

  • Payments

    Real-time payment methods have been widely adopted around the world, which has led to a situation where many customers, businesses, and financial institutions anticipate being able to pay friends and clients, settle accounts, and transfer money at the drop of a hat. Although the idea of "paying immediately" is not new—cash is, after all, an instantaneous payment transaction instrument—the development of "real-time payment" choices has helped customers adopt a new standard.

  • Cryptocurrency

    Branded Article

    Keeping up with the rise and effects of cryptocurrencies on the financial sector is more crucial than ever as traditional banking practices change. Bitcoin has the ability to completely change how we hold and transmit money, opening up a whole new world of investment opportunities and payment services for underdeveloped nations.

  • Artificial Intelligence Banking

    Advanced generation AI models are shaping the future of the banking industry, offering transformative potential and creating new challenges. In this comprehensive article, we explore the evolution of generative AI models, their impact on the banking sector, and how to address the ethical and compliance concerns they raise.

  • FinTech Security

    Fraudsters are increasingly targeting FinTech companies that offer digital goods and services such as virtual currencies, digital wallets, and online loans, according to a new report by Sift. The report highlights the importance of implementing advanced fraud prevention measures, including a layered approach to fraud prevention and education for consumers, in order to protect both FinTech companies and their customers from the growing threat of fraud in the industry.

  • Artificial Intelligence

    ComplyAdvantage has appointed Jim Anning as its Chief Data Officer, demonstrating the company's emphasis on data innovation and insights. Anning's appointment reflects ComplyAdvantage's commitment to anti-money laundering and countering financial terrorism services. Anning's extensive experience is expected to further advance the financial crime risk detection technology that underpins the company's service. ComplyAdvantage is the financial industry's leading source of AI-driven financial crime risk data and fraud detection technology.