Finance Reimagined & AI's Rise - Issue #457 February 29th, 2024

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In this edition of FinTech Weekly, we navigate the currents of innovation where the confluence of artificial intelligence and fintech is not just altering the landscape but reshaping the very foundations of financial services. From the bustling streets of New York to the dynamic markets of the MENA region, a narrative of transformation emerges, driven by partnerships that leverage the power of AI to unlock new possibilities. Whether it's enhancing customer experiences through embedded finance, streamlining compliance with regulatory AI, or forging global collaborations to democratize access to capital, the stories featured in this newsletter underscore a pivotal shift towards a future where finance is not only more inclusive but inherently intelligent. As the sector stands on the cusp of this technological renaissance, the implications for businesses, consumers, and economies are profound. The fusion of fintech and AI is not merely a trend but a testament to the industry's relentless pursuit of innovation, ensuring that the financial services of tomorrow are rooted in efficiency, personalization, and accessibility. This and much more in this number of FinTech Weekly: discover fintech news and events and stay ahead of the competition!

Top Stories

    In a recent statement, Noshir Kaka, Senior Partner and Co-lead of Global Technology, Media & Telecommunications Practice at McKinsey & Company, highlighted the paradoxical nature of generative artificial intelligence (GenAI). While GenAI continues to captivate global interest, Kaka warns that its immediate effects may fall short of expectations. This anticipated shortfall is attributed to a significant disparity between available talent and the ambitious projections of businesses, casting GenAI as a promising yet presently underdelivering technological advancement.

Podcasts and Videos

    Forbes vetted hundreds of companies, assessing a broad range of criteria including innovation, growth metrics, and the diversity of their leadership teams. Eligibility was restricted to startups with a significant presence in the U.S. and not affiliated with public entities. The evaluation revealed a dominant trend towards B2B services, with the sectors of Payments, Wall Street & Enterprise, and Business to Business Banking leading the charge, making up over half of the top 50 and capturing the majority of first-time recognitions. This shift underscores a strategic pivot away from consumer-focused spending in favor of more sustainable business models, especially in a climate of tightened venture capital. Meanwhile, sectors like Real Estate and Blockchain & Crypto face unique challenges, from market downturns to reputational recovery efforts.


    As the Head of Security for Branch, you will be responsible for taking a hands-on approach to ensure our company evaluates risk and develops the safeguards and processes to keep Branch and our customers safe.

    In this role, you will be joining a cross-functional team solely focused on pushing the boundaries of the space and offering a world class user experience. Your core responsibility will be building and maintaining user interfaces, leveraging React, as the team delivers novel features to production, as well as maintaining the engineering health of the application.

    As a Data Scientist on the Data Products Team, you will be at the forefront of using large language models to re-shape how we approach and execute on our ambitions across product, customer experience and internal operations.



    Artificial intelligence (AI) is revolutionizing the financial sector, enabling fintech and financial services to develop advanced embedded finance applications for digital and non-banking platforms. McKinsey highlights embedded finance's potential to change customer interactions with financial products, bypassing traditional banking interfaces. AI enhances these platforms with analytics for addressing challenges like identity management and fraud detection. Finastra's survey underscores Generative AI's transformative role, alongside Banking-as-a-Service (BaaS) and embedded finance, in delivering personalized customer experiences. Pooja Choudhary of our team spoke with Finastra's Chief AI Officer, Adam Lieberman, exploring the impact of their AI and embedded finance innovations on the fintech landscape.


    Bud Financial, a leading data intelligence platform, has partnered with Fintech Galaxy, a pioneer in open banking and financial innovation, aiming to enhance the Open Banking ecosystem in the MENA region. This collaboration seeks to revolutionize the way financial institutions, fintechs, and businesses utilize and benefit from customer data. Sharing a common goal, Bud and Fintech Galaxy intend to use open banking and sophisticated AI-driven data enrichment to provide deeper insights into customer behaviors and financial needs, facilitating the creation of tailored financial experiences through the Open Finance FINX Platform.


    Biz2Credit, a leading New York-based fintech firm specializing in U.S. small business loans, is expanding its reach to Abu Dhabi through a strategic partnership with Magnati, a payments company with backing from Brookfield. This collaboration will leverage real-time payment data from Magnati to enhance Biz2Credit's AI-driven lending platform, aiming to facilitate up to $1 billion in loans for small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) within the next 18 months, and annually thereafter. The initiative will draw on capital from international credit funds and local banks, marking a significant step in global financial collaboration and support for SMEs.

    The Isle of Man Financial Services Authority (FSA) has entered a groundbreaking partnership with fintech startup Regsearch to harness the power of Regsearch's regulatory AI system, REGI. This move positions the Isle of Man as a leading FinTech hub, utilizing REGI's capabilities to enhance the FSA's website and improve service accessibility and satisfaction for financial entities on the island. The initiative promises to streamline compliance and reporting processes, saving businesses time and resources. This partnership originated from Regsearch's involvement in the Finance Isle of Man's InsurTech Accelerator Programme, highlighting the island's commitment to fostering innovation and supporting fintech growth.

    A Chinese fintech company is leveraging OpenAI's Sora, asserting priority access via Microsoft's Azure, showcasing how mainland firms are eagerly aligning with advanced generative AI technologies. Despite these tools often being inaccessible directly within China, this move highlights the proactive steps Chinese businesses are taking to integrate cutting-edge AI solutions into their operations.