Innovation Under Scrutiny - Issue #447 December 21st, 2023

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FinTech Weekly this week paints a vivid picture of a fintech world in flux, where innovation meets challenge and transformation is the constant theme. The stories we bring to the forefront — from the SEC's intense scrutiny of fintech companies to the burgeoning popularity of 'Buy Now, Pay Later' — capture an industry undergoing rapid evolution. These narratives go beyond mere technological advancements; they are about redefining financial interactions and pioneering new paths in the digital economy.

As we explore groundbreaking initiatives like Huawei's AI collaboration in Thailand and Bloc's new business banking platform in Africa, we see fintech not just as a sector, but as a force for economic empowerment and progress. The inclusion of climate-centric technologies like Glow Beta further illustrates fintech's role in addressing some of the most pressing global challenges.

In this edition, we navigate the complex interplay of innovation, regulation, and opportunity that defines today’s fintech landscape. Join us as we explore these dynamic developments, each story shedding light on the multifaceted nature of this fast-paced industry.

This and much more in this number of FinTech Weekly: discover top fintech news and events, and stay ahead of the competition.

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    India's central bank has tightened regulations on unsecured consumer loans, impacting fintech lenders like Paytm. The Reserve Bank of India's move to increase the risk weight for personal loans aims to curb rising consumer debt and delinquencies. This has led to a significant drop in Paytm's shares and a strategic shift in its lending practices. The new regulations pose challenges for smaller fintech firms, with some, like Zestmoney, facing closure. The stricter landscape may benefit more risk-conscious and profitable fintech companies.



    Huawei and Thailand's Ministry of Digital Economy and Society have partnered to propel Thailand into a regional AI development hub. This collaboration, announced at the Huawei Cloud AI Summit 2023 in Bangkok, focuses on cloud and AI digital ecosystems, aligning with Thailand's cloud-first strategies for future growth. The partnership aims to accelerate digital transformation, talent development, and economic sustainability, enhancing overall well-being in Thailand, as per MDES Minister Prasert Jantararuangtong. Huawei's involvement is set to lay a digital foundation and establish AI infrastructure for government and business applications.

    Visa is expanding its FinTech Fast Track program by integrating its Visa Direct platform, allowing members to access real-time money movement capabilities. Vanessa Colella, Visa's SVP and Global Head of Innovation and Digital Partnerships, emphasizes the program's commitment to fostering fintech growth. The expansion enables fintechs to facilitate transfers to cards, bank accounts, and wallets globally. Visa Direct supports a range of payment types and offers extensive reach, signaling a significant step in advancing real-time payments across various sectors.

    Saudi Arabia has introduced 'Makken,' a new fintech program, to foster financial innovation in the Kingdom. Launched by Saudi Central Bank Governor Ayman Al-Sayari and Capital Market Authority Chairman Mohammed El-Kuwaiz, Makken is part of the Financial Sector Development Program. It aims to empower 150 emerging fintech companies over three years, contributing significantly to the sector's growth. Al-Sayari noted the Kingdom's rapid fintech expansion, with a 40% growth in companies from 2022 to 2023, underscoring a commitment to digitization and innovation in finance.v