The Bad & the Good of AI - Issue #423 July 6th, 2023

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The most interesting news covered by FinTech Weekly in this new number involves Google: the tech giant updated its privacy policy – all public data can now be used to allow data scraping for AI purposes. This, for sure, will help businesses around the world: there are already many startups powered by artificial intelligence, and AI in finance is becoming increasingly more important. Businesses don’t want to renounce AI, and this makes the work of regulators harder. But if artificial intelligence represents a huge advantage for businesses, there might be consequences we’re not completely aware of – like the negative impact this could have on jobs. Fintech and AI constantly make headlines, as well as cryptos and blockchain technology: this mix of advanced tech is leading us to revolutionize our lives and businesses, but maybe we’re now too enthusiastic about all this innovation to focus on possible negative effects. This and much more in this number of FinTech Weekly – follow us on Twitter @fintech_weekly to stay ahead of competition!

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