Will the EU be able to compete with the US and China? - Issue #6 April 23rd, 2023

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## Let's recap...

The EU, US and China want to regulate artificial intelligence

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AI – Artificial Intelligence – doesn’t only make headlines for all the innovations it is involved in, but also because it’s time to regulate it.

Every time something becomes an integral part of everyone’s life and businesses, regulators need to address the possible disadvantages involved.

In the case of artificial intelligence, concerns regard countless sectors, from privacy to reliability, and it was even considered a danger to humanity.

Despite this, businesses find AI too useful to abandon it, and regulators are at a crossroads: how to keep artificial intelligence and, at the same time, provide guidelines and regulatory frameworks?

Regulators are already working on it, but it’s highly probable that not all regions will be able to be regulated by laws that will allow them to remain competitive.

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The European Union might not be able to compete with the US and China. Fintech is at risk, and investors and business owners are already concerned about the possible outcomes.

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    China vs. the US

    — via VOA

    Competition between the U.S. and China in artificial intelligence has expanded into a race to design and implement comprehensive AI regulations.

    EU and AI regulation

    — via Sifted

    The EU’s proposed AI legislation is set to deal a serious blow to companies working with generative models

    US and AI regulation

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    The Biden administration said Tuesday it is seeking public comments on potential accountability measures for artificial intelligence